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The First Scientific and Text-Critical Edition of Schelling’s Works

The Historisch-kritische Ausgabe der Schriften Schellings  (Historical-Critical Edition of Schelling’s Works) presents Schelling’s works, his posthumous papers, transcripts and letters. As a text-critical edition it takes into consideration the textual form of all accessible prints including the print of the »Sämmtliche Werke« published by son Karl Friedrich August 1856-1861. The edition of posthumous papers, transcripts and letters represents the handwritten findings critically, as far as this was possible.

The edited texts are being approached with explanatory notes, detailed indices and comprehensive editorial reports with regard to their form, origin and reception (editorial approach).

The Historisch-Kritische Ausgabe is being edited by Jörg Jantzen, Thomas Buchheim, Jochem Hennigfeld, Wilhelm G. Jacobs and Siegbert Peetz, 1976 ff. It is the first scientific, text-critical edition of Schelling’s works. Designed as a complete edition it provides numerous contributions to the research of Schelling’s philosophy.

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Die Historisch-Kritische Ausgabe der Schriften Schellings wurde herausgegeben von Jörg Jantzen, Thomas Buchheim, Jochem Hennigfeld, Wilhelm G. Jacobs und Siegbert Peetz, 1976–2023.

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